Sell Disposable Plastic Glove Making Machine

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This machine is for producing disposable plastic glove making machine, which is ideal equipment for batch production of PE, EVA and CPE film gloves.
Performance and Characteristics:
1. Electromagnetic clutch and brake ensure accuracy of bag sealing and cutting.
2. The machine stops automatically when bag jam occurs.
3. The machine is especially designed for glove type bag making.
4. The main power of the machine adopts 1.5KW 220V Panasonic frequency converter and inverter motor with stable performance and low noise.
Main Technical Parameters:
Model: DFJ-500
Producing Length: 200-400mm
Producing Width: 270-330mm
Thickness of Film: 0.008-0.02mm
Producing Speed: 40-130 pcs/min
Total Power: 1.1Kw
Power Source: 220V 50HZ
Weight: 600Kg
Overall dimensions (LWWWH) (mm) : 2300W1190W1500