Sell Disposable Skin Stapler

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Product Name: Skin Stapler and Stapler Remover/Suture Needle, Surgical Coat/Face Mask
Model Number: 15W, 25W, 35W
Place of Origin: China
Name: Disposable Skin Stapler
Type W: 7.0mm x 4.0mm, 0.6mm Wire Diameter
Type R: 5.4mm x 3.6mm, 0.55mm Wire Diameter
Staples Quantity: 35 Staples per Skin Stapler for both types
Packing: 72pcs/ctn
Carton Size: 460mmX400mmX220mm
G. W. : 8.5KG N. W. :8KG
Apply to operation room and emergency: General Surgery; Heart and Bosom Surgery; Plastic Surgery; Burn Surgery; Neuron surgery; Bone Surgery; Gynecology and Obstetrics; Oncology Surgery; Field Rescue; Emergency Treatment
1) Simple and reasonable design, easy to operate. Sew up rapidly and reliable.
2) There is no need of special training, you can operate it as long as according
to the "operation Instruction"
3) Staples with different external diameters and width can apply to sewing different operation incision.
4) While sewing, the incomplete closing of staple helps the concrescence of the operation incision.
5) It can obviously shorten the time of sewing the operation incision, thus shorten
the operation time. Decrease the occurring of complication, and reduce the operation
Sterile: Sterile with ETO, valid is 2 years.
Certificate:CE, FDA, ISO13488
Spec. : Type T
Name:Staple Remover
Packing: 300pcs/ctn
Carton size: 460mmX400mmX220mm
Package:Product packaged separately with very safe and reliable package hot sealed with PET box and American DUPONT TYVEK paper which has high intensity and good performance of preventing bacteria
Application: Equipped with special Stapler Remover, and it is very convenient to remove the staples after the operation incision healed up
Certificate:CE, FDA, ISO13488