Sell Distributed-Feedback (DFB) Laser Diodes

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Hermetically sealed uncooled 1310 nm / 1550 nm MQW distributed-feedback (DFB) laser diode.
Hermetically sealed uncooled 1490 nm / 1625 nm MQW distributed-feedback (DFB) laser diode
Hermetically sealed uncooled CWDM MQW DFB laser diode compliant with ITU-T G.694.2.
Wide operating temperature range.
TO package with various cap : flat window cap, ball lens cap, and Aspherical lens cap.
Coaxial pigtail package with various connector terminations : SC, FC, ST, LC, MU and no connector.
Receptacle package with various connector terminations : SC, FC, and ST.
High-speed operation up to 2.5 Gb/s.
SONET / SDH OC-3, OC-12, and OC-48 applications.
Gigabit Ethernet and Fiber Channel applications.