Sell Distribution Fram/Cabinet

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MDF, DDF AND ODF frame/cabinet.

Supply with "ZTE" brand or on OEM basis.

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Performance of MDF:
Working temperature: +50+400
Storage temperature: -250~+550
Relative humidity: <= 85% ( while +300)
Atmosphere pressure: 70~106Kpa
The double-layer, double-slot outrigger adopts the never-oxidizing new treatment of overgilding at double service life of single-layer one
There are four connection points between plugging line and terminal with air-
tightness region >75% and pull-out force>28N
Contact resistance between terminals: <=0.8m(Ohms) , Increment of contact resistance
after high temperature, low temperature, temperature fluctuation and damp heat
tests: <=0.6 m(Ohms)
Applicable wire: Plastic-insulated single-strand wire, core diameter is: 0.32~0.6mm,
maximum diameter of outer layer is: <=1.4mm
Plug-pull life: >200 times.