Sell Dodecyl Dimethyl Benzyl ammonium Chloride(Euchlorine)

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Properties of Euchlorine:
Euchlorine is water soluble, Euchlorine has properties of high effective, instant effective, wide range and safety. Euchlorine has strong fungicide effect, even at dosage of 20ppm, the fungicide ratio can reach to 99%. Euchlorine has good stability, can be preserved for half year with less than 1% loss of effective chlorine, and cannot be deteriorated at 120C, cannot be flamed.

Usage of Euchlorine:
Euchlorine can be used as algae disinfector in circulating cool water system and swimming pool. When used in circulating cool water system, the dosage of 15-20ppm every 2-3 days in Summer is preferred, in Spring and Autumn, every 3-5 days and in Winter every 5-7 days. For insurance of effects, nonoxidative disinfector may be also added into this product.

Package and Storage of Euchlorine:
25kg inner liner polyethylene (PE) bag, outer plastic woven bag, or determined by clients. Storage for one year in room shady and dry place.

Safety Protection of Euchlorine:
Stimulation to skin and eye, protected with eye-glass and glove in operation. Once contacted, flush with water.
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