Sell Dolomite Fertilizer for Sale

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Dolomite, is one of the best most economical fertilizers in the world. We have an exclusive distribution arrangement for the largest supplier of Dolomite available. Please contact me directly with your requirements. All shipments are FOB. CHEMICAL ANALYSIS :
- magnesium oxide - 18.0%.
- calcium oxide 34.5%.
- silicon oxside 0.1%
- aluminium oxide 0.1%
- iron oxide (fe203) 0.1%
- potassium oxide 0.02%.
- phosporus 0.01%
- sulphur 0.03%
lol (loss ignition) 47.04%
free moisture - 2-4 %

Quentin D. Collins,
Managing Director,
NelWest Enterprises, LLC
Terms of Sale
FOB Philippines