Sell Door-Guard Series of Access Control System - DG110

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The fingerprint access control door lock is composed of terminal controller, control unit and lockset. It works on both stand alone and network operation. It has a capacity of storage up to 1000 users, 2000 fingerprints. For network operation, the lock can be hooked up to PC via RS-485 cable, TCP/IP, etc, to check the unlocking records. In addition, you also can download and transfer the fingerprint image on host PC. This model is ideal for banks, warehouses, apartment blocks, schools and companies.

' Communication Mode
The wireless or wired communication mode can be adopted between access control unit and receptor. The communication mode is easy to program and operate.

' Management Level There are two management levels in the system. Administrators can program the system, such as saving, deleting, setting up operational time and checking attendance. Users can only operate the lock, such as unlocking the doors. The different authority can carry out different operations.

' The Masses Control ModeOne fingerprint control unit can control many door locks (1 to 8 door locks) . Each door lock has different independent management modes. By this way, users can manage the system with one control unit and reduce the cost of the system.

' Group and ID Number Matching FunctionWhen fingerprints are saved over a certain amount (ex. 10 persons or 30 fingerprints) in the system, the group and ID number matching function will be operate automatically, in order to increase the matching speed and the system security.

' Real-Time ClockIt makes the system to be used at more wide places to carry out smart management for door access control and attendance.

' LCDWith LCD display, users can operate and manage control system more conveniently. Serial of Electrified Strike

' Low Battery Alert
When the system is in low battery condition, it will alert administrators to change the batteries. After the system is started, the LCD will show Low Batteries, change battery! message. All the fingerprints, passwords, attendance records and system setting are non-volatile memory.

' Password Operation
Users can also use 5-10 digit password to unlock the door.

'Timed Access Control Management
To increase the company security, users can be set up to specific time to operate the system. Users can be programmed into valid day range, such as the business day (Monday to Friday) , and weekends (Saturday to Sunday) . Users can also be programmed into valid time period range, such as 9AM-5PM.
Administrators can also program users with starting working date and ending working date. The valid day and time range can be used together.

' Security Level.
There is five security level for each system. (the default security level is 3) .

Application System

>>Standard Offline Access Control

DG100 control unit + receptor + different types of strike

The basic applicable type, administrators can use control unit to register and delete users. General users scan their fingerprints on control unit to open locks.
Fingerprint Management Unit

FP Scanning Mode : CMOS optical sensor

Capacity : 1000 users

Matching Mode : 1:N 1:10 1:1

Scanning Time : <1 second

Recognition Time : <0.2 second /a fingerprint

FAR : <0.004%

FRR : <3%

Translation Tolerance : 13mm

Rotation Tolerance : <1150

Power Supply : 9V constant-voltage power supply
6 AA alkaline cells

Contour Size (mm) : 222W150W83

Net Weight : 8 lb

Controllable Amount of Door Locks : 1:8

Distance of Wireless Operation : 0.5 ~ 15 M (opening distance)


Power supply : AC220V/50Hz, 0.1A

Output : 6V~12V/2A

Built-In Rechargeable Battery : 6V~12V 1200mAH

Contour Size (mm) : 170W112W45

Net Weight : 2 lb

Environment Requirement

Working temperature : -15˚ C - 55˚ C

Humidity : 0%-100%
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110 or 220 volts
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