Sell Dopamini Hydrochloridum

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English Name: Dopamini hydrochloridum
Chemical Name: 4-(2-aminoethyl) -1,2-pyrocatechol hyclrochloride
Quality standard: According with CP2000.
Physicochemical property:
White or like shining crystal powder, odorless, slightly bitter in taste. When exposed in air and light the color gets dark gradually. Easily dissolved in water, slightly dissolved in anhydrous alcohol. Very slightly dissolved in chloroform and aether.
Effect and application:
This product is a kind of catechol group pharmaceutics. It can increase the send out of heart blood and resists send out of heart blood. It can be applied to many kinds of shocked such as toxic shock and central shock which are induced by curemiocardial infarction, hurt, heart surgical, kidney function crocking up, chronic heart function maladjustment.
Package and Storage: 25kg/ bucket, shield away from light, keep sealed and in cool place.