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Technical parameter:
1) Printing content: Chinese and English characters, numeral, serial number, each
kind of design
2) Character size: adjusts willfully
3) Printing depth: 0.02-1mm
4) Printing speed: 3-6 characters/second
5) Printing material: degree of hardness and is nonmetallic in the HRC55 below metal
6) Printing surface: the plane or the concave-convex height do not surpass 3mm the
curved surface
7) Gas consumption: 3L/S
8) Power loss: 300W
9) Redundant precision: 0.02-0.05mm
10) Working conditions: regular work environment

Function synopsis:
The necessary special-purpose data plate jig may fast engrave the data plate to change the parameter, suits the volume production, enhances the working efficiency,
the effect is artistic.

Application scope:
Used for hardware, machinery, automobile domain and motorcycle fittings, electronic
electric appliances, war industry, light industry, data plates and steel, copper,
revertex or lumber with mark to engrave
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