Sell Double Belt Filter Press for Municipal Wastewater

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Liquid/solids separation through pressure filtration.

Dual filter belt design: Dual filter belt circulation is suitable for a large quantity application.
Low capital and O/M costs: Simple structures, less breakdown and easy to maintain.
Easy operation: Automatic operating while dewatering.
High applicability: Suitable for various slurry waste with coagulant/polymer additions.

Double filter belt: Circulate by two belts at top and bottom for fast and high rate dewatering.
Adjustable operating velocity from 1 m3/min to 9 m3/min.
Each high-press belt is equipped with tension controller to avoid uneven tension.
Sludge leveler: Keep the thickness of sludge even to enter the low-pressure rolls.
Low-pressure dewatering: Increasing the pressure by a stationary wedge to dewater after the discharging of free water and agglutinated water.
Low-pressure of gear-like rolling: Pressed by the gear-like rolls to discharge the surplus water.
Mid-pressure rolling of increasing pressure to remove moisture from the sludge flocs.
High-pressure shear rolling to press the gelatinous water by share forcing two filter belts.
Washing water can be reused and is adjustable to save up to 50% of washing water.
Belt alignment device can adjust the belt migration automatically.

Municipal Wastewater.
Food Processing Wastewater.
Poultry and Slaughtering Waste.
Pulp & Paper Wastewater.
Petrochemical Wastewater.
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