Sell Double-Crane

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Conventional configuration:
1) Room control.
2) Driver's room is opened or closed types.
3) Wound rotor motor is used on each mechanism, changed speed by resistance.
4) Working ambient temperature: -200C~+450C.
It's not suitable for lifting blazing & melting metal or toxicant as well as explosion-proof
or insulating working conditions.

Other configuration user can choose:
1) The wired ground control, convenient for use and control.
2) Fixing wireless remote control to realize the remote control.
3) Changing speed brake method: pole changing control, plug braking, dynamic
braking, frequency control, etc.
4) It should be explained when using in the open-air environment, in order to fix
windproof & rainproof devices.
5) The other feasible configuration user propose.

1) Reasonable structure
2) Favorable performance
3) Smooth starting and stopping
4) Safe and reliable traveling
5) Low noise, commodious cabin and good view
6) Convenient maintenance, excellent exchangeability for parts and components
7) Saves electricity

1) Load: 5-80/20MT
2) Span: 10.5-31.5m
3) Service duty:
a) A5: used in places of medium service, such as machine and assembly shops
b) A6: used in places of frequent working such as metallurgy and casting shops
The technique parameter is provided on our web site just for reference, and the exact
parameter of our product according to the contract.