Sell Double Drive CNC / Multi-Head Strip Cutting Machine

Double Drive CNC / Multi-Head Strip Cutting Machine You May Also Be Interested In: acetylene frequency converter oxygen acetylene
Function characteristics: on the basis of original NC cutter, the cutter added some line cutting torque (according to the need of customer) to carry out longitudinal cutting and make it can process geometrical figure at both sides and also cut several sheet of line plate. In this way it can reach to the function of one machine with two usages. This machine is a kind of plate-cutting machine in high efficiency for straight plate, which the longitudinal cutting guns can be deployed according to the requirement. Many pieces of plates can be cut at same time accompanied by oxygen acetylene gathering arrays to avoid changing the gas bottles frequently. The AC frequency converter technology is accepted for speed-controlling with safe operating and reliability.
Brand Name
Supply Capacity
15 Units Per Month
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
10 days
Minimum Order Quantity
1 units
Power Requirements
Warranty Coverage
machine 1 year