Sell Double Edge Grinding Machine

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The machine is fit for the processing of the flat glass with the thickness from 3 to 25mm . The edge grinding of the glass , the grinding of the bevel and angel edge together with the polishing can be done completely for only once .
The machine is controlled by PLC and the touch screen can display the processing data and functional status. Low-voltage electrical parts use "French Schneider, Korea LG".
It is equipped with 20 motors and the grinding power is large. Automatic control, and pneumatic pressurization make the polishing more precise and the surface smoother to ensure higher sleekness of the glass.
The main transmission uses frequency electrical transmission driving. The synchronous belts imported from Italy ensure the transmission reliable and smooth.
The open-close part uses transducer-driven, imported ball screws, linear guiding rail and coding machine. The rise-fall of thickness uses transducer-driven, imported linear guiding rail and coding devices to ensure its accuracy.
This machine is fit for the grinding of large or long piece of glass.