Sell Double Ended Linear Halogen Lamps (J-type)

Double Ended Linear Halogen Lamps (J-type) You May Also Be Interested In: frosted glass halogen lamps uv stop
1) J78 / 118 / 189 / 254
2) Bulb: T shape, clear
3) Base: R7s
4) Burning position:
a) CC-8 filament-any
b) C-8 filament-horizontal 14"
1) Multi burning position version, featuring pressure krypton gas filled
and 3-coil support rings, lifetime extended to 3,000 hours
2) Frosted glass
3) UV-stop version, featuring use of special quartz glass to stop the
emission of UV rays

1) Energy saving, high lumen maintenance
2) Long life
3) High heat and mechanical impact resistance

1) Indoor lighting of sports halls, swimming pools, offices, factories, supermarkets, shop-windows
2) Outdoor lighting of railway stations, airports, building areas, museums