Sell Double Hung Windows / Double-Hung / Replacement Windows

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Double Hung Windows / Double-Hung Insert Replacement Windows

Why To Choose Them
You can open double-hung windows without consuming exterior space, and with a tilt-wash version, you may never have to go outside to wash windows again. Instead, the windows come to you. Also, the top sash can be opened for ventilation, providing an extra measure of safety in rooms with children.

Where to Place Them
Since they do not use up valuable exterior space, double-hung windows are a good choice when windows are next to walkways, porches or patios.

1. Low-E glass stays cleaner and reduces water spotting
2. Custom sizing
3. Nearly-invisible insect screen optional
4. Keep your existing frame and trim
5. Classic traditional style
6. Fine milling detail
Packing Standard :
1- Angle protective foam for 4 window/door's angle in 10mm thickness
2- Wrap around with plastic in 2mm thickness
3- Foam layer in 10mm for shockproof
4- Packing with carton
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
30 days
Minimum Order Quantity
Terms of Payment