Sell Double Row Motor Massage belt

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The product is the combination of heat-treatment therapy and high frequency magnets of intelligent fat reducing slimming belt. Equipped with large scales of silicon slice and multifunctional program modes, variety of program of massage modes can be setting up according your needs. Working time setting function and heat-treatment therapy function, together with intelligent fat reducing function have obvious effect on keeping your body slim.

FUNCTION: 2520PCS/20", 5400PCS/40"

* I Inserted with 10 pcs of high-frequency motors, together with heat-treatment function, 8 kinds of massage programs for your choice.
* Heat-treatment can effect independently or work together with motors, when the heat-treatment takes effect independently it can work without time limit.
* timer setting function, 5-50 minutes for choice optionally, or FF without time limit.
* Remote control with cable is easy and convenience for operation.
* Strong vibration massage program, an adaptor or car used power or special battery can be used for power supply.