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AJ-1322 Blood Coagulation Instrument is an instrument adopted with double magnetic circuit bead theory to measure blood coagulation by surveying the change of bead amplitude attenuation. Measuring results dont be affected by hemolysis, chyle, icterus, turbidity, blood plasma viscosity and other factors. It possesses superior detection sensitivity, precision, repeatability & high linear precision, and can apply to clinic application of each grade of medical units.
4 temperature chronographs with hint sound
Permanent storage of scaling curve
Automatic touch measurement of linkage sample-adding device
Large LCD Chinese display, man-machine conversation operation
Inner wide-row high-speed thermal printer can print sample sheet, single item & comprehensive report.
Open program, choice reagent
The relative movement of bead doesnt be affected by the former blood plasma viscosity.
The examined blood plasma doesnt be affected by hemolysis, chyle, icterus, turbidity, and other factors.
The testing sample position will be pointed by indicator light which is convenient to the operation & observation.
Main Specifications
Measuring Item (18) : PT, APTT, FIB, TT, HEP, LMWH, Albumen C, Albumen S, SPA, ATIII, Plasma Thromboplastin Component II, VⅦ , ⅹ , Ⅷ , Ⅸ , Ⅺ , Ⅻ
Linear Precision: R>=0.99
Working Method: Continuous intermitting heating
Condition of Goods
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Power Requirements
220V or 110V
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