Sell Double-head foot-operated high-frequency pvc welding machine

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Configuration parameters:
1. Imported oscillating tube, with stable, reliable output
2. High-sensitivity spark arrester, protecting molds effectively
3. Overload protector
4. Key electric assemblies assembled from imported high-quality parts
Functional description:
1. High-sensitivity spark protection: This unit is equipped with a special electronic circuit that cuts off high frequencies to arrest sparks, minimizing the damage to the electrode and material, while the warning lamp gives an alarm.
2. Wave interference protector: A frequency stabilizer and a high-frequency magnetic leakage arrester are provided to prevent wave leakage from in terfering with other electronic devices.
3. Overload protector: Avoiding frequency drifts a result of improper operation
4. Strong head: Strong enough for any situation, handy and precise to use
5. Adjustable tuner: Output power can be adjusted at the tuner according to electrode size and material thickness. Required welding time has been but down greatly raise the machines productivity.
6. This unit applies to the fusion and embossing of inflatable toys, slippers, handbads, pursed. belts. bags, stationery, stickers, trademakts, PVC tapes, etc.
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1 year