Sell Double needle lockstitch

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This machine adopts two straight needles, vertical-axis rotating hook with self-lubricating for catching thread loops and sliding cam take-up to produce two lines of double lockstitch. The arm shaft and hook shaft are supported by ball bearings. It is provided with synchro tooth Belf for driving and plunger pump for lubricating and knob-type stitch regulator and lever-type reverse feeding mechanism.

It is widely used on sewing shirt, uniform, jeans and decorative.

Vertical -axis rotating hook saddle can be easily be set as needed, available for different needle gauges.

BSD-845 Provide two needle bar mechanism; it's suitable for corner sewn.


BSD-842-3 DPX5
#14 6.4MM 0-4MM Light 7/13mm 4000 370W 47/50 68x32x64
BSD-842-5 DPX5
#14 6.4MM 0-4MM Light 7/13mm 3000 370W 47/50 68x32x64
BSD-845-3 DPX5
#14 6.4MM 0-4MM Medium 7/13mm 3000 370W 47/50 68x32x64
BSD-845-5 DPX5
#14 6.4MM 0-4MM Heavy 7/13mm 3000 370W 47/50 68x32x64
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