Sell Double swing automatic door opener 1910

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*2-direction swing, swing in and swing out as the same direction pedestrian goes by
*Perfect smooth-running without evident noise thanks to the encoded technology
*Excellent reliability, passed more than 2 million times durability tests
*Clear and beautiful concealed installation, fixed inside the lintel
*Built-in control panel with mini in-hand control operator
*Ideal for all the swing doors with pivot bearing, including non-frame glass doors

Convenient: motor driven opening and closing, no need to push or pull, leaves your hands free.
Safe: superior accident prevention system, safety protection against obstacles, overheating and power fluctuations.
Reliable: maintenance free. Passed a 2 million cycle test, more durable than other operators.
Versatile: A multi functional accessory can be connected offering features such as electric lock, fire alarm system, burglar alarm system, building intercom system, access control, UPS connection, radar and infrared systems, remote control, etc.
Beautiful: Attractive shape and clean, neat installation do not affect the aesthetics of the door.

Overhanging, buried and concealed installations are available.
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