Sell Double-wire Forming/Binding Machine

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Bound edge:75mm-520mm

Specification of double-wire:Pitch:3:1 1/4"---9/16"

Work speed:300~500 Loops/Min


Total power:2.25KW

Air pressure(bar) :6-8

Required space:4000mm X 1100mm

Net weight:510kgs

The technical details are subject to change without notification
The machine is widely used for binding notebook, workbook, calendar and so on. It can automatically feed in nylon-coated wire or tinned metal wire forming parts. Then through the double-wire binding parts. It can be automatic cutting, counting, skip binding(up to four-step) and closing. Optional removable hanger feed unit. The machine has the function of double-wire forming and binding together, reducing the cost of the production but improve the working efficiency.
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
15 days