Sell Doudou LONG Cable Winder

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Doudou LONG is the fun cable winder for your favorite iPod or MP3 player's earbud headphones.
Just wind your cable around Doudou LONG's body and use Doudou Long's cute mouth as a holder
for your earbuds. The spikes keep Doudou LONG from running away. There is a removable
ball-bearing style chain included for attaching Doudou LONG to your belt loop, cell phone strap or key ring.

In addition to Doudou LONG's fuctionality as a earbud cable winder, Doudou LONG can be used for a relaxation
break. Squeeze Doudou LONG in your hand to relieve stress, or roll Doudou LONG around on the floor for a
foot massage. Doudou LONG's incredibly cute design is available in different color variations.