Sell Downhole Sensors of ESP (oilwell)

Downhole Sensors of ESP (oilwell)
Basic parameter

*Pressure measuring scale: 0-35Mpa (5000psi) accuracy: 1.0%FS

*Pressure resolution: 0.01Mpa (1.45psi)

*Over pressure endurance: 1.5FS

*Temperature measuring scale: 0-1200 (32-250℉ ) accuracy: 120 (3.6 )

*Temperature resolution: 0.10 (0.18 )

*When motors star point is unbalanced and voltage reaches 150VAC, its measuring error is not more than 0.06%.

*Function of insulated components: insulated resistance is not less than 2000M(Ohms) when voltage reaches 2500VDC.

*Reliable short circuit protection: voltage of input port is not more than 1.5 VAC when one phase of power cable is grounding.

*Data storage: automatic memory with storage capacity of 90 days once per hour and 72 hours once per 30 seconds.

*Signal transmission: via ESP power cable

*Update rate: 15 seconds

*Surface communication (optional) : RS232

*Quality assurance: Within12 months any system with failure to work properly, caused by defect of quality, is to be replaced by new one without charge.
Condition of Goods