Sell Dragosantol/Bisabolol

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Product name: Dragosantol
INCI Name: Bisabolol
CAS NO. : 515-69-5
Colorless to straw color thick liquid, dissolved in lower alcohol (ethanol, isopropanol) , aliphatic alcohol, glyceride and paraffin, almost indissolved in water or glycerin.
Quality index:
Odor: light smell.
Density: 0.922~0.928.
Refraction index: 1.492~1.498.
Content: >= 96%.
Mainly used in skin-care and skin-nurse cosmetic, dragosantol is used as active ingredient of cosmetic of protecting and nursing irritability skin, and adapting for sunscreen cosmetic, baby cosmetic, shaver products. Additionally, it is added into buccal sanitation products such as toothpaste and collutory.
Dragosantol is fit to be used in cosmetic, due to the stability and compatibility to skin. Over a long time, this product will not turn color and seep from palstic container. it hasn`t any issue for use. In addition, it is endowed with antiinflammation or antibacterial acitivity.
Dosage: 0.2-1.0% generally; 0.2-0.5% mostly.
Package and storage: 5kg/bucket, pharmaceutic bucket. Shielded from light and kept closed.