Sell Drain Pump

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Suitable for package AC, indoor-unit of ceiling-type AC. The pump is used to drain out the condesed water from the evaporator formed during refrigerating cycle and drying. The pump is of high efficiency, low vibration, light, small size and ole power consumption. Explanation: Please confirm about the matching characteristic of the system.
Working condition:
Flow applied: condensed water;
Flow temperature:00~+400(no possibility for condesed water to freeze) ;
Environmental temperature:-100~+450;
Relative humidity: less than 95%; Keeping temperature: -200~+700;
Installation: electric machinery pipe-set up-ward, gradient less than 10.
Voltage (V) :AC100~120 ; AC200; AC220~240
Power (W) : ﹤10 Product
Life time 1. Last life time more than 150,000hour 2. The life time of theoretic installing machine more than 10 years.