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The shafts adopt superior alloy steel. Drawworks adopts roller bearings totally.

All the chains are forced lubrication.

The drums are grooved and the high speed and low speed ends of the drum shaft are equipped with ventilated type air tube clutches. The brake rim is circulation water cooked.

Band or disc brake is used in main brake. Auxiliary brake is with eddy current brakes.

For the single speed gearbox drawworks consists of AC frequency motor, gear box, hydraulic disc brake, drawworks frame, drum shaft and automatic drilling system, etc.

Drawworks is driven by AC frequency motor to realize stepless speed regulation, thus have big power, wider range in speed regulation. Provide high efficiency in gear transmission, having light vibration, lower noise and long service life.

The single speed gearbox drawworks has more features such as simple structure, small volume and low weight.