Sell Dredging Rubber Hose

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Discharge hose and suction rubber hose for offshore dredging application. Our dredging rubber hose are purpose built to the special requirement of our clients. We are in the position to build hoses sizes ranging from 100 mm ID to 2200 mm ID. Our designers will select the most appropriate materials from a wide range of products available to us to meet service and demands requested by our clients i. e. in regard to wear resistance, pressure ratings, tensile strength, bending capabilities and so on.

In general the Blueway dredging rubber hoses consist out of an inner lining adjusted to the specific requirement of transported media. Wear indicator layers can be implemented in the hoses which transport abrasive media. A textile reinforcement of high tensile strength will control the pressure resistance of the dredging hose as well as the tensile strength. Where as the outer cover is built up by a rubber compound highly resistant against weathering, UV lights and Ozone. On special request the outer cover can be built with oil resistant materials. Hose end fittings are available in a wide variety which is selected on duty requirements.