Sell Dried Apricots

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EXTRA: This grade includes highest quality dried apricots. This grade Dried Apricots has almost no spot to be seen. There are maximum 65 pcs. in 1 kg.

CLASS 1: This type of Dried Apricots are in good shape and it has its own specilties. There are maximum 100 pcs. in 1 kg.

CLASS 2: This type of Dried Apricots quality is little lower than the other two. There could be some spots on the surface of the product but they are still edible.

Sliced Dried Apricots. No additives %100 natural. Made by cutting up finely.
Depending on the customers request it can be cut in different sizes.

Cut-up apricots does not lose anything from its original taste and quality.

Package Size: 12,5 KG


Number 0 (61-80) pcs. /kg.
Number 1 (81-100) pcs. /kg.
Number 2 (101-120) pcs. /kg.
Number 3 (121-140) pcs. /kg.
Number 4 (141-160) pcs. /kg.
Number 5 (161-180) pcs. /kg.
Number 6 (181-200) pcs. /kg.
Number 7 (201-220) pcs. /kg.
Number 8 (221- +) pcs. /kg.

Dried apricot is a fruit which contains vitamins A, B, C, sugar in amount profuse and mineral salts. It reduces formation of Stones at kidneys. It strengthens heart mussels, prevents occurrence of ulcer in stomach and d|odenum. It creates vivacity in eyes.