Sell Dried Goji Berries

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We can supplier the best quality of sun dried gojiberries from Zhongning
County, Ningxia. Specification: 130/50g (The biggest dried prescriber
in China. ) 220/50g 250/50g 280/50g
The Goji berry has been documented in history and used over time as an important medicine. As documented in "Shennong's Classic of Materia Medica (Shennong Bencaojing) ", the first medical book written in China some two thousand years ago. There was also detailed record about the Goji berry in "Ben Cao Gang Mu" which was written by Li Shizhen who was a medical scientist during the Ming Dynasty. These medical texts say that b??Goji can supplement energy by nourishing the liver and kidney, adjust the Yin and Yang balance, improve eyesight, reduce inflammation and help enhance resistance to wind and humidity, enjoy the ten magic functionsb??.

Qixiangchun Dried Goji berries are produced with extra care. The product has the superior features of high quality, plump fruit, brilliant red color and sweet flavor, is a genuine all-natural fruit, that retains the integrity of the Goji berry to enrich the nutritional content, can be directly consumed.