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In refrigerator , frozen case and small-scale totally closed refrigeration system that this product is suitable and reduces expenditure with the capillary, is it absorb surplus water content among them and strain to use as except that might block filth of capillary , prevent from system " ice stop up " and " dirty to stop up ".
Common Type TUBE Numerator Nozzle Size
YTF207 5/8" 7g
YTF208 5/8" 8g
YTF210 5/8" 10g
YTF212 5/8" 12g
YTF215 3/4" 15g
YTF217 3/4" 17g
YTF220 3/4" 20g
YTF225 1" 25g
YTF230 1" 30g

All products are made of high quality material and with excellent production process. We have various types and can also make according to your requirement.
Supply Capacity
300000 piece Per Month