Sell Drill Machines (Simple, Geared and Radial Drill Machines)

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Spare pully for motor.


Motor, Starter, Drill Chuck & V  Belt.


ABM TOOLS offers simple and geared model Drilling & Tapping Machines. These machines are Bench, Pillar and Gang Type. The machines are designed to meet precise and versatile jobs of varying shapes and sizes. The machines cover wide range of operation like drilling, reaming, tapping, lapping, counter boring and boring in ferrous and non ferrous metals. The machines present a unique combination of metals and accuracy for both mass production and tools room jobs.


The drilling head is heavy duty, ribbed and reinforced with cast iron around bores to withstand any distortion or sagging while drilling or boring. The bearing surface is precision bored. Internal bores are honed to provide close tolerance for spindle for spindle housing movement. It has locking device which enables the head to be raised, lowered or swung to any required position.


The spindle is made out of alloy steel. Spindle drive in sleeve, fitted with deep grooved ball bearings and taper bearings. Ball bearings are widely supported and such belt tension is not transmitted to spindle. The power is transmitted through an internally spindled sleeve to top of spindle. This type of drive ensures a more efficient operation as compared with conventional single Key drive and has long life.


The accuracy machined table surface is provided with slots and it can be adjusted vertically by mean of rack and pinion mechanism and is also capable of revolving fully through 3600. Table can also be slanted to required angle, 450 both sides. A scale in this regard is fitted on the rim of arm. Table holding arm is held at this place with help of tapered bolts with cylindrical dowel pin locking it in place.


The splined spindle fitted in the bearing is driven by motor through V-Belt having stepped pully. In gear type machines additional slow speed are obtained from the gear set. All geared model drilling machines are provided with additional heavy series deep grove ball bearing for long life and better load taking capacity. These and many other features of ABM TOOLS brand drilling machines are responsible for the unparalled performance and long serving life of our machines.

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