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Our production range includes drill pipe, drill pipe pup joints, heavy weight drill pipe, accessories and heavy upset premium tubing. We are authorized by API to use the API monogram and is ISO 9002 certified. Our drill pipe is successfully used in oilfields such as the Tram Basin, for drilling the most difficult wells in China, reaching well depths of 5800m. The annual production capacity of the facility is 30,000 tons of drill pipe and a substantial quantity of heavy weight drill pipe. The production range is from 2 3/8" to 5 1/2" in grade E75 to S135. Drill pipe tool joints are produced in -house to the highest industry standards. All drill pipe is manufactured according to the customer's requirements, including hard banding, coating, stress relief grooving, special upset and tool joint requirements, markings joint break-in, etc. The drill pipe is supplied with heavy-duty thread protectors and racking systems, produces in -house.
We also produces heavy upset premium and API tubing. The Production range is from 2 3/8" to 5 1/2" in grade J55 to P110 and proprietary grades. The premium tubing produced, exceeds API specification in tension, burst and collapse. The API tubing is produced to the highest industry standards. The production facility as built utilizing the most modern equipment and technology available. The friction welding equipment was imported from MTI. USA. Upsetting and heat treatment equipment are of the most modern and fully automated type, specifically designed for highly efficient production of drill pipe and heavy upset premium tubing. The facility boasts the most rigorous quality assurance program found anywhere in the word. The program is supervised and controlled by TGRC, China's authority on oil and gas equipment.