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1. Layout demo. Demonstrate the right position of equipments, instruments and ground off-set facilities in actual drilling fields. Enhancing trainee's perception and studying interest towards on the drilling operation
2. General simulation and demo of structure and operation principle of the drilling operations six main systems.
1. Dynamical system: Demonstrate different kinds of equipment layout, principles and transmission path etc which supply power to the drill machine.
2. Lift system: Demonstrate the process of driller infixing, making a trip, controlling drill pressure, the drill bit infixing and the operating principle of winch, traveling system and the tong.
3. Rotary system: Demonstrate the principle of drill pipe rotation infix which drived by the top driver motor unit
4. Circulating system: Through the mud circulation pipeline demonstrates action of every mud sump, principle of oscillating screen, process of mud circulation and etc required by well drilling technology
5. Well control system: Include blowout preventer unit, accumulator and driller's control cabinet, throttle manifold and well-press blowpipe manifold. Demonstrate the actions could be taken to fight against the complex situation which could happened under the well in the drilling process, and how to restore the normal situation
6. Monitoring system: Demonstrate through the instrument of drillers control cabinet to measure and record the hook load, bit pressure, rotation rate and pumping pressure, drilling rate
3. Demonstrate the scene drilling technology principle and operating essentials of whole drilling process that from top drive unit driving the motor to rotate and bring drill stem and drill bit to rotate for infixing to making trip, collect stands, driller operating, mud circulation and power wheel driver.
4. Train the students' practice skill and capability to handling problems. At experimental time, students should do in oneself, through altering the rotary speed, drill pressure, pumping pressure, simulated formation pressure practically observe the influence to the drill speed exerted by the factors above
SPECIFICATIONS: (As per one set)
Top-driven petroleum drilling simulation teaching platform includes up-ground, underground, analog control system and remote monitoring system
1. Up-ground part: Include head-frame, winch, traveling block, bridge, top-drive equipment, blowout preventer unit, diesel equipment, slurry pump, mud sump, mud circulation pipeline and ground auxiliary facility etc.
1. head-frame: This equipment system adopts front-open type head-frame.
2. Winch: Lift system device, be used to get up and down the drilling tool.
3. Traveling block: movable block group which can move up and down in the head-frame interior
4. Bridge: fix block group fixed on the top of head-frame.
5. Which is one rig set fixed at the inner space of the head-frame and suspended by traveling block. Rotate the drill stem directly from the up-space of head-frame and down advance follow the special-guide way inside the head-frame, to accomplish the operation such as rotating footage, the back reaming, circulation of drilling fluid
6. blowout preventer unit: include annular blowout preventer unit, slider blowout preventer unit.
7. diesel equipment: Supply drive force for power set. It is the power source secure electric drilling machine normally working.
8. slurry pump: Carry out the rock chips and supply power for down-well power drill and transmit and circulate the drilling fluid at drilling process.
9. Sensor: Include displacement transducer, load transducer and pressure transducer, each sensor signals are processed and displayed on the touch screen of the simulated control system of the top-drive device.
2. underground parts: Include drilling rod, drill bit, tub assembly etc (Figure 4)
1. drilling rod: The basic part of the drill string, it is used to deepen borehole, transfer torque, form drilling fluid circulating path.
2. drill bit: the most important unit in the drilling progress. it is used to dig in strata and enlarge of the wellbore
3. Tub assembly: Which are made of transparent materials, it is used to simulate and observe the drilling progress
3. Analog control system: Include top driven analog control platform and hydraulic governing station.
ITop driven analog control platform
Its operation is through the touch screen to control the operation and stoppage of the drilling platform. There is two operation mode: Manual and Auto, we also can check the real-time data curve
II. hydraulic governing station
4. Remote monitoring system: Include high collocated computer, monitoring software etc. It is designed to monitor the drilling process synchronously.
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