Sell Drilling Rig Triplex Mud Pumps Fluid End Parts

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We manufacture and specialize in the fluid end parts of triplex mud pumps as per API standard for our clients all over the world. Fluid End includes cylinders, valve assembly, liners and pistons. 1. Cylinders Cylinders are made of forged alloy steel. Three cylinders of each pump are interchangeable. Valve-over-valve (through type cylinder) design reduces the cylinder volume and promotes the volumetric efficiency. At customers_ request, the cylinder surface may be nickel plated to improve the abrasion resistance. Discharge Pulsation dampener, shear relief valve and discharge strainer are furnished at the outlet.

F-500 pump suction inlet is fitted with 8"flange, F-500 pump suction inlet with 10"flange and F-1000 pump suction inlet with 12"flange. 2. Valve Assembly The suction valve and the discharge valve for the above three mud pumps are interchangeable. F-500 mud pump uses API#5 valve pot, F-800 and F-1000 mud pumps use API#6 valve pots. 3. Liners Bi-metal liners are used. The sleeve is made of wear-resistant cast iron, and the surface hardness is HRC60-65. Therefore, liners feature wear resistance, corrosion resistance and high surface finish. Liners are put in from the cylinder cover bore in the front of the cylinder and fixed with liner cage, cylinder cover plug and cylinder cover when installing. 4. Pistons and Piston Rods They are slide fitted, sealed with rubber seal ring and finally fastened with lock nuts to prevent the piston from looseness and to play a role in sealing. Cylinders, Liners, pistons, valves, valve seats, valve springs, seal rings, valve covers and cylinder covers at the fluid end of F-800 and F-1000 mud pumps are all interchangeable.