Sell Drinking Straw Single Auto Packing Machine

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This machine is a kind of equipment used to packing the drinking straw into the bag automatically. The complete machine comprises of driving motor, driving system, paper-roll unwinding device, straw-feeding device, automatic sealing device, conveying device for finished products, etc. . With complete set of introduced Italian technology, the machine is highly automatic, and has high production speed and double-color printing (fine printing) function, which can complete printing, feeding and packaging at one time. The machine is convenient to operate and has reliable quality.


1. Single-piece packaging. Feeding and packing can be completed at one time.
2. There are non-color, single-color or double-color printings available
3. Automatic product counting, product quantity pre-set. And once the pre-set value is reached, the machine will stop and give an alarm. It is convenient for secondary packing.
4. The packing speed is adjustable.