Sell Drive Rejoice Companion - M850d Car Smart Massage Device

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Drive-rejoice Companion

Product featuures

Driving in the car for hours can cause fatigue of the mind and discomforts of

the body, with the Drive-rejoice Companion, you can have the instant gratification

of massages simply by plugging this device into the power unit in your car. At the

touch of a button , you'll be able to enjoy a simple yet effective massage at any time.

The Drive-rejoice Companion is a small, convenient and stylish low frequency electronic

massage device. It can help eliminate the fatigue and discomfort of long term driving.

It's simple and powerful, can help to relax muscles, improve blood circulation, increase

metabolic activities and treat many discomfort with ease. With prolonged and regular

use, it can even help you lose weight.

The Drive-rejoice Companion uses large massage patches to increase comfort and

durability. These may be applied to any area of fatigue, fat storage and discomfort .

This product is easy and convenient to use. The software programs four massage

techniques that circulate continuously. Its use is simple and convenient. All you have

to do is plug the device into your car's power unit and select the strength level

that' suitable for you. With the car power unit adaptor, it is perfect for drivers.

When used with optional merchandise, it can also obtain power through AC/DC

outlets or batteries.

The Drive-rejoice Companion uses a 100% metal casing, it is sleek, stylish, portable

and different from the old fashioned outlook of most traditional home health


The Drive-rejoice Companion is the smallest, but the most powerful in its field.

It is easy to use , portable, practical, and safe. It is one of the most creative and

innovative of its class.

Technical specifications

Product name:Drive-rejoice Companion


Voltage and Frequency:AC 100-250V 50/60Hz DC 5V110%


Power Output :<=0.3W

Pules width 0.1mS130%

Output range:Minimum 0V-5V, Maxium 60V-80V. Adjustment is continuous between minimum and maxium

output. (1k(Ohms) load resistance)