Sell Driver For The Step Motor

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Q3HB110M is constant angle constant torque microstepping drive. This type drive supplies regulated phase current for supply voltages between AC40-110V. It is designed for use with the 3-phase hybrid stepper of all kinds with 86-110mm outside diameter and 5.2A current max. The circuitry this type drive adopts is similar to the circuit of servo control in theory. This circuitry enable the motor run smoothly at low speed nearly without vibration and noise, the motor's torque at high speed is much greater than the 2-phase and 5-phase hybrid stepping motors'. The precision of location can reach up to 30000 step/ R. It is widely used large, medium numerical control equipment with high resolution such as carving machine, medium numerical machine, packaging machine etc.

1. High reliability, Low price
2.16-channel constant angle constant torque micro steps. Highest resolution: 30000 steps/R
3. Highest response frequency: 200Kpps
4. Winding current will be reduced to set value when no step pulse command is received for 0.1 second.
5. Bipolar constant current chopping mode
6. Optically isolated signals I/O
7. Drive current is adjustable from 0.3A/phase to 5.2A/phase dividing into 16 parts.
8. Single supply (AC40-110V)
9. Phase remembering function