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Drum yeast dryer body mainly consists of dryer cylinder, frame, driving system, scraper, limited material, scraping device, leaching material device and steam-path system. In addition, it is equipped with electrical control cabinet and exhaust steam cover. This is a kind dryer that heats the material and evaporates the moisture by indirect heating of steam. Its dryer cylinder (drum) is a metallic hollow cylinder whose surface is finished and is extremely smooth, driven by the transmission device (gearwheel and pinion) , the dryer cylinder rotates in axial direction and the speed can is adjustable. The slurry is preheated in preheating tank, when heated to about 500, the slurry will be pumped to the leaching material tank at lower part of the drying cylinder, the drying cylinder submerges about 60-80mm depth, then the surface of the rotary cylinder will be coated with a layer of uniform slurry (the thickness of the film) , the steam pressure in the dryer cylinder is 0.15-0.3 Mpa, the slurry is heated on the outside surface of the dryer cylinder, the moisture be exhausted by induced draft fan after evaporation. The drying will be finished when the dryer cylinder rotates one circle; the material piece on the external surface of the dry cylinder is scraped with scraping device and falls to the discharge port for collection.

Single cylinder, can use to kinds of materials drying, especially to waste yeast drying.
High heat efficiency and low energy consumption make the heat utilization reach above 70%.
The steam temperature needed is only 130-1500, and the moisture of the material can be reach to 9% after drying process.
The drier is made of cast iron, anti-corroded and no contamination.
Compact structure, less room-taking and convenient operation and easy maintenance.
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