Sell Drunken Dancer

Drunken Dancer
This is Standard Fireworks China Ltd. , a Sino-Indian joint venture.
This Drunken Dancer is one of our new products. It belongs to fountain, the cubage is only 0.085, its appearance is a drunken, the color is red.
Its effect is Red flame with silver, 3 staged whistle and crackling, wave around like a drunker.
When I see it for the first time, I like it very much, and I am sure that our customers would like it too. When we set off this product to our customers, they all smile loudly, because it looks like a real drunken man.
When you see it, I believe that you will smile too, it is really a good product. And the price is also fair and reasonable.
Welcome to visit us.
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Drunken Dancer
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