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How does a buck-boost transformer differ from an insulating transformer?
A buck-boost transformer IS an insulating type transformer when it is shipped from the factory. When it is connected at the job site, a lead wire on the primary is connected to a lead wire on the secondary thereby changing the transformers electrical characteristics to those of an autotransformer.
The primary and secondary windings are no longer insulated and secondary windings are no longer insulated and its KVA capacity is greatly increased. Refer to figures 1, 2 and 3.
Electrical and electronic equipment is designed to operate on standard supply voltage. When the supply voltage is constantly too high or too low, (usually more than 55%) , the equipment fails to operate at maximum efficiency. A buck and boost transformer is a simple and ECONOMICAL means of correcting this off-standard voltage.
Boosting 208V to 230V or 240V and vice versa for commercial and industrial air conditioning systems; boosting 110V to 120V and 240V to 277V for lighting systems; voltage correction for heating systems and induction motors of all types. Many applications exist where supply voltages are constantly above or below normal.
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