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An Isolation transformer is the best way to establish a new neutral-ground bond, in order to correct common mode and other grounding problems. A transformer can provide conversion of a Delta system (3 wire) to a Wye connected (4 wire) system. The addition of an electrostatic shield adds further protection from some high frequency impulses and noise that might otherwise pass through the transformer via the inter-winding capacitance. A shielded isolation transformer provides excellent protection from all types of N-G disturbances (impulses, RMS voltage, and high frequency noise) . It is critical that the transformer be grounded properly or common mode protection will be ineffective. MODERN designs and manufactures the highest quality isolation transformers.
Features and benefits:
1. High level of isolation
2. High quality neutral-ground bond
3. High level of common-mode noise rejection
4. Conversion from Delta to Wye or the other way around
5. Easy to change voltage taps
6. Reduce supply voltage flat topping caused by
non-linear loads
7. Improve overall power factor of supply system
8. Custom design for specific system

1. Financial facilities
2. Educational facilities
3. TV Broadcast facilities
4. Office buildings
5. Hospitals
6. Health care facilities
7. Integrated in power conditioner at input or output
8. Any system requires isolation and shielding

Typical application in power conditioner:

A. Isolation transformer(Delta/Wye) connected at input terminal:
1. If there is serious 3 rd harmonic and distortion in main supply, these disturbances can be reduced.
2. By Delta/Wye connection, producing new neutral line in output. Then prevent normal operation from poor condition of mains neutral.
3. The current wave distortion as 3 rd harmonic by non-linear load is isolated and without contaminating main supply.

B. Isolation transformer Wye/Delta connection at output terminal:
1. Current wave distortion by non-linear load is isolated and reduced. The contamination to main supply and stabilizer can be reduced and improved.
2. The current wave distortion effects the correction of output voltage sampling. But the signal at the primary of isolation transformer reflects the regular wave and the power conditioner may operate exactly.
3. If there is unbalance load, the power conditioner can run regularly
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