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The Acerola Cherry freeze-dry powder is made of the fresh plump
cherry fruit which is picked out when they are 60% to 70% maturity and
have the highest contents of the natural vitamin C in the Acerola Cherry
Fu Sui Plantation by the advance frozen dry technique.
The freeze-dry powder produce craft synthesizes the latest international science and technology result with the advanced technique.
The production mostly keeps the original color, aroma and the nourishment composition of the Acerola Cherry, avoiding the breakage of the productions nourishment composition from heat process. The rate of water in productions is lower than 3%, each 100 grams of freeze-dry powder contains more than 15 grams natural left revolve vitamin C.
The freeze-dry powder packing adopts germfree vacuum-packed technique. The hermetical capability is very good. The normal temperature quality assurance period is 36-60 months.
The product nourishment value is very high, enriching the little chemical element with natural left revolving vitamin C, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin A, nicotine sour, riboflavin, iron, phosphorus, calcium wait for human body. It is the natural sanitarian food, it also is the best raw material for the beverage, the food, the nourishment, the medicine, the cosmetics profession
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