Sell Dry-type Transformer Special Transformers Used for Mines

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Dry-type Transformer Special Transformers Used for Mines
KSG series of mine general dry-type power transformers are the equipment replacing mine oil transformers KS 9 mine electric device, and are the direction of non-oil safe production and management. They are used in coalmine or other metal mine for power supply and power transformation in the well of 6kV, 10kV.
The product is mainly suitable for use in the locations where there is coal dust and gas but has no explosive danger. So the casing need no explosion isolation but still need to have some certain strength and protective grade according to the actual conditions. We customized the casing for the mine industry according to the above characteristics, cover casing can prevent objects and water fallen from inside of the laneway in the mine well from entering into the inside of the casing. In the meantime, the casing can prevent the corrosion of the humid environment in the mine well, and has good heat radiation performance to reduce the product volume.
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