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Dry-type Transformers Non-crystal Alloy Dry-type Transformers
Non-crystal material is a high and new functional material coming out at the end of 1960s. It is a kind of new energy conserving material, adopting quick condensing process and its physical state represents that metal atom appears out-of-order non-crystal arrangement. It adopts MDPS quick condensing process by the elements of Fe, Si, C and B etc. in a certain proportion and it is the alloy thin belt, thickness of which is 30 micron quickly cooled by non-melting copper belt. Its microstructure is completely different from the conventional metal material and is a revolution in material science and metallurgical process. Because of the characteristics of out-of-order arrangement of the non-crystal material and its excellent magnetizing characteristics, it is subject to magnetizing and demagnetizing, so its unit loss is far less than the unit loss of the silicon steel sheet. Therefore, the transformer made of it has a very low no-load loss, only 30% or so of the existing transformers.
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