Sell Dual Element Passive Infrared Detector

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The JDY-665 operational principle of dual-element passive infrared detector is in terms of detecting humans infrared spectrum. When people move within detectors working range, human bodys infrared radiation will be focused through lens, accordingly received by thermal-release electron. Because two thermal-release electrons receive different heat, which cannot counteract, the detector will alarm after signal processing. It is widely applied to bank, warehouse, house and so on. It also has many functions, such as auto temperature compensation, anti light interference, prevent pets, anti high-frequency interruption and so on.
Working voltage DC9~16V
Working current Static state0.1mA; Alarm state: 20mA
Working environment -200~700
Anti electromagnetism >=30V/m
Anti light interference 6500LUX
Alarm delay optional 5S, 10S or 30S
Installation Wall mounted
Installation height 1.8~2.5m
Detection range 8m
Detection angle 1100
Alarm output Normal close , no voltage output, contact capacity DC28V, 80mA max
Anti tamper switch Normal close, no voltage output, contact capacity DC28V, 100mA max
Dimension 115X57X38mm
CE. ISO9000