Sell Dual Network Wireless Access Point & Repeater W/ POE

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The 200mw Wireless Access Point VX-AP250 allows the user to create/enable multiple security profiles, which maximize the user's flexibility in managing multiple networks. Each security profiles has its own SSID, and its own security settings, clients can connect to different SSID for different security functions. Different SSID networks can be isolated if desired, which further enhanced the network security. The Wireless Access Point VX-AP250 supports UAM (Universal Access Method) , making it suitable for use in Internet cafes and other sites where user access time must be accounted for. The wireless Access Point also support WDS modes, which allow it to be set to different bridge modes, and repeater mode.

VX-AP250 Wireless Features:
- 200mw, 23 dBm
- Standards Compliant. The Wireless Access Point complies with the IEEE802.11g (DSSS) specifications for Wireless LANs.
- Supports both 802.11b and 802.11g Wireless Stations. The 802.11g standard provides for backward compatibility with the 802.11b standard, so both 802.11b and 802.11g Wireless stations can be used simultaneously.
- 108Mbps Wireless Connections. 108Mbps connections are available to compatible clients.
- WDS Support. The Wireless Access Point VX-AP250 supports WDS (Wireless Distribution System) .
- Support Universal Client and Universal Repeater Mode
- Simple Configuration. If the default settings are unsuitable, they can be changed quickly and easily.
- DHCP Client Support. Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol provides a dynamic IP address to PCs and other devices upon request. The Wireless Access Point VX-AP250 can act as a DHCP Client, and obtain an IP address and related information from your existing DHPC Server.
- Upgradeable Firmware. Firmware is stored in a flash memory and can be upgraded easily, using only your Web Browser.

Security Features:
- Separate SSID and Security Settings. Can set different security profiles to enable networks with different SSIDs and Security settings, give you full flexibility over the Network.
- Isolation between LANs. The different Wireless Networks are isolated from each other. PCs on the one Wireless Network cannot see (or attack) PCs or devices on other network. Layer2 client isolation.
- WEP support. Support for WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy) is included. Both 64 Bit and 128 Bit keys are supported.
- WPA support. Support for WPA is included. WPA is more secure than WEP, and should be used if possible.
- WPA2 support. Support for WPA2 is also included. WPA2 uses the extremely secure AES encryption method.
- 802.1x Support. Support for 802.1x mode is included, providing for the industrialstrength wireless security of 802.1x authentication and authorization.
- Radius Client Support. The Wireless Access Point can login to your existing Radius Server (as a Radius client) , as required to support WPA/WPA2 with Radius, or 802.1x.
- Access Control. The Access Control feature can check the MAC address of Wireless clients to ensure that only trusted Wireless Stations can use the Wireless Access Point to gain access to your Private Network.
- Password - protected Configuration. Optional password protection is provided to prevent unauthorized users from modifying the configuration data and settings.
- Antenna connector: SMA
- Universal repeater and universal client mode

Advanced Features:
- NetBIOS & WINS Support. Support for both NetBIOS broadcast and WINS (Windows Internet Naming Service) allows the Wireless Access Point to easily fit into your existing Windows network.
- Radius Accounting Support. If you have a Radius Server, you can use it to &nbspprovide accounting data on Wireless clients.
- Syslog Support. If you have a Syslog Server, the Wireless Access Point can send its log data to your Syslog Server.
- Power Over Ethernet (POE)
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