Sell Dual Planetary Mixer

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It is suitable for the mixing and emulsifying of such products whose viscosity between 1000~1,000,000 cps.
The Mixer is composed of motor, cober, planet frame, mixing part, wall scraper, cask, dual-cylinder hydraulic lifting system, vacuum system, and housing etc. It is a new efficient mixer developed with innovation, based on absorption of the advanced technology from both inland and abroad.


When the planet frame rotates, three stirring bars rotate about itself with a revolution around the shaft line of the cask as well. Thus the materials are cut and crumbed intesively, abd fianlyy are fully dispersed and mixed. A scraper mounted on planet shelf scrapes the wall of cask duing the rotation, minmizing the remains on the wall to intensify mixing. Depending on differentmaterials, the mixing time may be adjusted by the user with the cover and minxing parts are implemented with the dual-cylinder hysraulic lifting system. The Mixer is capable of working in vancuum condition, keeping water and other volatiles vented. Therefore, it can be used as gas-discharger. The cask can be warmed up or cooled down through the circulation of oil water as desired. The cask can also be heated with steam. The heating temperature is displayed through the temperature controller on panel. With a good performance in mixing, cuttibng and dispersing, the Mixer is very suitable for dispersing and blending materials of two phases as solid, solid-liquid. So it can easy find its application in the field of chemical industry, food, light industry, pharmacy, construction materials. IT can be used in the production process of cosmetics, ink, chocclate, seal, glue ointment and other unguent.

The contact parts of the Mixer is made of stainless-steel. It is suitable for production of sanition and medicine material. The rotating speed can be asjusted a wide range as desired.
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30 days
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ZJR Series
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1 year