Sell Dual Water Filter Cartridge

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Item: Dual Water Filter Cartridge

Model No: 8UH-2A
Package Size: 28.5*14.5*35cm,
Weight(Kg) :1.8kg
Crust Material: ABS (white or translucent)
Filter Core: The 1 th stage: PP/Ceramic cartridge + The 2nd stage: carbon cartridge
Usage Condition:
Purifying water volume: 95L/H
Iputting pressure (MPa) : < 0.3
Filtering precision(um) : 0.5~5
Suitable PH value: 5~11
Suitable temperature (Celsius) : 10~45

1. Innocuity ABS plastic texture, without rot, long duration.
2. Fast fix and it only cost several minutes.
3. It adopts international currency standard filter core and easy to replace and clean.
4. It contains fast linker and needn't to buy linker to install.

1. can remove chlorine, mud, rust, suspend substance, alkalescence and fluorin.
2. Can prevent bacteria and remove odor, special odor.

Suitable for kitchen, bath room, barge, log cabin.