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Dyes are substances that can be used to impart color to other materials, such as textiles, foodstuffs, paper, leather, fur, hair, foods, drugs, cosmetics waxes, greases, petroleum products, plastics and textile materials. A dye that does not fade when the material it was applied to be exposed to conditions associated with its intended use is called a fast dye. Contrariwise, a dye that loses its coloring during proper usage is referred to as a fugitive dye. Some of the conditions that could cause such a change in the properties of a dye include exposure to acids, sunlight, or excessive heat as well as various washing and cleaning procedures. Certain dyes may be considered both fast and fugitive, depending on the material with which they are used.

Acid Dyes - Water soluble anionic dyes that are applied to fibers such as silk, wool, nylon and modified acrylic fibers from neutral to acid dye baths. Attachment to the fiber is attributed, at least partly, to salt formation between anionic groups in the dyes and cationic groups in the fiber. Acid dyes are not substantive to cellulosic fibers.

Direct DyeS - Dyeing is normally carried out in a neutral or slightly alkaline dye bath, at or near the boil, with the addition of either sodium chloride (NaCl) or sodium sulphate (Na2SO4) . Direct dyes are used on cotton, paper, leather, wool, silk and nylon. They are also used as pH indicators and as biological stains.

Reactive Dyes - First appeared commercially in 1956 and were used to dye cellulosic fibers. The dyes contain a reactive group that, when applied to a fiber in a weakly alkaline dye bath, form a chemical bond with the fiber. Reactive dyes can also be used to dye wool and nylon, in the latter case they are applied under weakly acidic conditions.

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