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DynaForce---A new drug replace MaHuang

Features: All natural support for mental clarity, alertness throughout the day.

Ingredients: Green Tea Extract, Lion!/s Tail Extract, Rhodiola Root Extract, Cynomorium Songaricum Extract and Curculigo Rhyizome Extract

DynaForce TLC, Helping Professionals Perform Better*

Feeling tired on the job? Sleepy on the wheels? Need clear mind for another 3 hours? You need DynaForce TLC!

Unlike Ephedra, which poses certain health risks, DynaForce TLC consists of proven safe herbal extracts, and yet commands most of the positive properties of ephedra.

Unlike straight caffeine, which also poses many health risks, DynaForce TLC does all concentrated caffeine does, only better!

You have all natural DynaForce TLC, which not only allows you perform your best, but has none of the side effects of caffeine. DynaForce TLC consists of green tea extract and other herbal extracts that are known to be antioxidant, thus giving you added health benefits.